We empower clients by offering reliable high quality of Steam Coal and Coking Coal that is used on large scale for various processes directly from the mines. We are able to supply with different quality grades and specifications base on customers’ need.

We have been supplying Steam Coal and Coking Coal globally for so many years. We are offering a reliable service that is well known and that is what we kept why our customers returning to us time and time again.

We have observed the growing trend in the market namely the empowered and increasing expectation of the customers. Empowered customers now expect instantaneous response of the internet and coal supply business is becoming more time-sensitive. This has increased the value of fast and flexible supply chains that can be reconfigured up to the very late in the process, reducing markdowns by responding to the changing needs of the customers.

We create tailored sourcing options to meet customer’s specific needs. Through a growing mines network in coal producing centres, we strive to find quality conscious and cost effective miners to match the needs of the customers.

Even on the outset we are aware that owning a limited number of mines would not be enough to supply the variety of products and quantity with the fast reaction time we need to be in. The whole supply is thus carried out in a dispersed manner.

We seek to build long-term customer relationships and leveraging our excellent supply chain management has the sophistication to satisfy nearly any customer need. We are committed to providing excellent service, building upon existing relationships and forming lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships.

We have available supply for the following Steam Coal based on its Gross Calorific Value (GCV).

We primarily offer Steam Coal from South Africa, United States of America and Indonesia and have concluded long term cooperation and supply agreements. The total resources we can supply at the moment are estimated at approximately one (1) million metric tons per month. With the current production level, however, supply can be increase.

As a reliable partner in the international market for Steam Coal and Coking Coal we acquire our commodities from leading producers and deliver it globally to various customers. REQUEST A QUOTE.

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